Non-slip mobile phone pad 14x9cm



The anti-slip car pad is a must have for every driver. Placed on the dashboard it is perfect for protecting small items like phone, lighter and glasses which can fall while driving. This pad can stick to any kind of surface.


  • Size: 50 – 82 mm;
  • Fits for the devices which screen is up to 5,7 diagonal;
  • Does not use magnets;
  • Fully washable, reusable, transferable.


  • Do not place the sticky pad, mobile phone or other objects on or near the airbag. If the airbag were to deploy, objects placed on the airbag might cause serious injuries or even death;
  • Do not stick the anti-slip pad on lids, doors or painted surfaces;
  • Clean the surface well before applying the anti-slip pad;
  • When the pad becomes dusty and/or loses its sticky properties, wash it in warm water and leave it to dry. The pad will regain its sticky properties and will be just like new.


  • The anti-slip pad is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. The sticky pad holds objects such as your mobile phone, glasses, glasses case, TV remote control or other similar objects firmly in place;
  • Do not stick the anti-slip pad on paper as it will damage the paper;
  • In order to preserve the functionality of the anti-slip pad, wash it regularly with clean water and  dry.