USB car charger 1A/2A



Universal car charger, with two USB slots and current of 1A and 2A, for a wide range of electronic devices such as music players, smartphones, tablet computers and navigation devices. The product plugs in directly into the car lighter socket. It has a LED which indicates charging status and allows two devices to be charged simultaneously.


  • Input voltage: DC 12–24 V;
  • Output voltage: DC 5V;
  • Maximum current: 1 000 mA / 2 100 mA;
  • Fast charging.


  • Plug the charger into the car lighter socket 12-24 V;
  • Connect the charger to the charging cable (USB) and the other end to the loading device. (Cables are sold separately);
  • Disconnect the charger from charging cable when the device is fully charged.